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*SOLD OUT*. Natural Affinity Community Spring Sound Bowl Session with Kathy Lytle

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Our Mission for 2024 here at Natural Affinity is to create & host more Community Connection events!

We hope that you can join us for this very special Sound Bowl Session with my dear friend Kathy Lytle. She will be coming all the way from Atlanta, GA with her Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls!
We are honored to have her in our space again!
If this is your first time receiving a sound bath you are in for a special treat!
Sound has Proven to have healing effects on the mind as well as the body.  A sound bath session can lead to reduced anxiety levels, tension, and sadness as well as diminished pain.
We want to share a meal with everyone before we begin.  I will be making a big pot of vegetable soup and we ask that attendees bring a small nourishing dish to share with the group. 
There will also be dark chocolate and herbal tea to enjoy.

You will want to bring a yoga mat or blanket to lay on.  Cushion or pillow for comfort.  Something to write in if you'd like to journal in-between sessions.  Dress comfortably.

Come to receive, come to be nourished and to be in a stress-free calming environment.

Date: Sunday April 7th
Time: 1:00-3:30 CST
Location: Natural Affinity 131 Cherry Street
Cost: $44
*****There are no refunds available for this event*****