I make this bar beginning with a strong concentrated infusion of Jewelweed.  An herb known to help assist in relieving poison ivy, oak, sumac, anything fungal such as athlete's foot etc.  This bar is a must have for any medicine cabinet because it excellent for soothing anything itchy!  Made with Tea Tree Essential Oil which is also known for it's antibacterial and anti-itch properties. 

    I also added extra oatmeal to make it super soothing!  You can also rub this bar on and let it dry for chiggers!

    This bar is now available in the BIG HUNKY BARS which you will receive when you order this item.

    Try our Jewelweed Spray which is excellent for anything itchy such as bug bites, rashes, sunburn etc!

    Saponified Olive, Sunflower, Coconut Oil, Jewelweed, Oatmeal and Tea Tree Essential Oil