Omega Pain Balm


Omega Pain Balm is made with NO CHEMICALS, ALCOHOLS, or MENTHOL CRYSTALS.  This is made with everything of the Earth.  We have customers that use this from everything to foot/heel issues, knees, back, arms, neck, fingers, neuropathy, poor foot circulation....You get the idea!  The great thing is that you can rub this in and apply heat for about 10 minutes and it will help to penetrate your tissues even deeper.  The Essential Oils used in this blend help the body to heal is not made to cover the pain like many products out there on the market.  This unique blend of 13 Essential Oils helps with circulation and inflammation naturally.  Always apply a little to the base of the neck when using the Omega Pain Balm and Spray.  Why?  Because everything travels up our spine and the base of our neck is a major stress point in our bodies.

Excellent for growing pains and sports injuries too!

13 Pure Essential Oils, Sunflower Oil and Beeswax