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Mask Refresher Spray


Wearing a mask for extensive time can cause bacteria to build up which can cause a funky odor, not to mention if you've had lunch or a snack the odor can linger in your mask as well.

So, this would make a great solution to help handle food odors as well.  Our mask refresher spray is made with lemon, lime and tea tree essentials.

Lemon and Lime oils are widely known for their natural antibacterial properties and tea tree also has natural antiviral properties as well. 

Simply shake and spray your mask 1-2 times on both sides, wait a moment before placing back on.  You can use as little or as much as needed.

It is not a heavy oily spray.  Any moisture will evaporate quickly.  It even works great to spray your mask and leave on your dash of the car in the sun.

This comes in a 3oz travel-size bottle which will last for a few months of regular use.  Fits easily into your pocket or purse.

Be sure to shake well before spraying.  We do not use any chemicals, stabilizers or alcohols in any of our essential oil sprays!